March 26, 2019 Jenny Pitts

Why Xenatek Started

Why ANOTHER Agency?

I asked myself this question multiple times, before I decided that I just had to start an agency.  I was 100% sure I wanted to do something with people and creativity.  Art brings me joy and serving clients is a career I’ve come to love.

Starting an agency was the logical next step.  I know Marketing inside-out, I have worked with amazing web designers and developers, and my network includes graphic artists, account managers, project managers and marketers who make for a killer team…PLUS I have some legit brands that I’ve done work for.

My biggest pull though, is that people are my passion. Marketing, Design, and Development are all services for people. Whether it’s helping clients achieve their vision, working alongside brilliant talent, or creating exceptional work to be proud of – I love it all –and the people I get to meet doing it!

What sets Xenatek apart?

Digital Marketing seems to be a hot topic, and tons of people are throwing their hat in the ring. With many talented players in the marketing and development landscape, I had to decide how I was going to become a voice worth listening to.

Multi-channel Marketing is a marketing strategy, where a campaign is structured using multiple platforms to reach the audience. The multi-channel approach is not just something we do at Xenatek, but it’s something we excel at. Every client is unique and they all have different goals to reach. Listening to clients and knowing the best tools to achieve their goals is critical to create work that impacts.

Whether video, direct mail, social media, email, or another platform, our team sits down to discusses all the options. After our discussion, we’ll come together and craft a winning campaign strategy. The various channels engage different types of people. One person may love binge-watching Youtube, while another person spends hours on social media.  By pursuing more than one channel, an audience will be more inclined to engage and CONVERT—the numbers always tell!

Development and Tech
Previously working with a tech agency, I learned about custom websites, web applications, and ERPs. The entire process including discovery, design, development, QA testing… and providing documentation along the way is true art. We’ve recruited experts in this space, and they love wowing our clients.

When engaging with smaller jobs, we’ve honed in creating WordPress sites, landing pages and web maintenance.

We’re a boutique agency
We structure teams around projects and campaigns. Our company is comprised of freelancers, creatives, and experts. Our network of talent is far-reaching, deeply skilled, and attentive to every detail.

The digital world is ever-expanding and it is fun to be a player in the game!

What do numbers prove?

The numbers show us everything. Our trained staff can assess your analytics or campaign results and explain what they mean.

Direct Response Marketing, which is basically any measurable marketing efforts that go from a company directly to the target audience, examples include direct mail, e-mail, landing pages or website call-to action buttons –  all produce numbers that can be evaluated and tweaked to improve future efforts.

It’s fun to see what’s working and how subtle alterations to copy or changing layouts can help convert an audience.

What’s Xenatek’s Niche?

The buzz on the street is “pick a niche.” Everywhere you turn, you hear “go niche!”

We’re not picking a niche…not yet at least.

We agree with the idea of going “niche.” It sets your company apart and it appeals to a targeted market. This is especially great with SEO! But we know we can still succeed.

With past clients in sectors such as hospitals, insurance, telecommunications, restaurants, non-profit, associations, construction, and the arts…to name a few…we can’t decide who to choose.

Our in-depth discovery process allows us to hone in to get the best message and strategy to reach an audience and see results. Right now, if you’re in business of any type, you’re a potential client.

Jenny Pitts

Jenny Pitts

CEO of Xenatek Group
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