We're an Agency that Specializes in
User Experience.

Utilizing marketing, design, and development, we create masterful work focused on connecting to your audience.


Nurturing the customer ... every step.

Xena + Tek + Group = Xenatek Group

Xenatek Group started in late 2018 with a focus to bring UX design, seamless web development, and best marketing and content. The company is female-owned (hence Xena), and brings best UX to our clients. Digital services and technology working together with captivating design is the goal of all our work.  Adding “Tek” was aimed to emphasize the company’s digital focus. From the onset, since the business is a collaborative model where teams of top talent unite to bring brilliant services, thus adding “group” made sense.  Xenatek Group became the official name.

Our Business Model

At Xenatek Group, we structure teams around client projects. After discovering client needs, we draw from our pool of talent. including PMs, designers, developers or writers. These teams visit client offices, conduct conference calls and provide timelines and documentation.  Clients feel in the loop, abreast of all activities.


We specialize in User Experience. For best UX design, engaging marketing and development is a must. If any of those pieces are off, users will disengage. Marketing copy must engage and compel action. Design must promote the brand and the aesthetic experience of the user. Web development must function smoothly, bug-free.

Become more customer-centered with UX design and content. Xenatek helps you breath life into your digital game.

Connect to Your audience
and See Results

Email, Direct Mail, Websites, or E-commerce — no matter the platform — let’s create experiences that move the needle.

Core Values






Our Story

Xenatek was born out of a passion to see businesses thrive and effectively connect with their audience.

Founder, Jenny Pitts, loves serving people, and is on mission to create powerful work that connects with its audience and get results. She started her career working in marketing agencies, where she learned the art of connecting and nurturing a customer.

Moving with the tech-tides, her career moved from traditional marketing into the digital marketing arena, where she also learned about developing custom websites, operating as a BA and managing the development of an ERP.

Armed with Tech skills, Xenatek is a unique company, bringing marketing prowess, captivating design, and expert architecture to reach an audience.

The combination is electric. The ability to connect to your audience and enhance the user experience set Xenatek Group apart. 

Top-notch content, Design and Copywriting are some of the skills the team brings to every project. If your company needs any of our Services, we would love to hear from you!

Our Genius Leadership Team

Experts at digital marketing, our leadership team can do it all… Below are some highlights of our leaders!



Google Expert & Strategist

Ja’Rod is Google Ads Certified and strategically focused on creating targeted, high-ROI, and engaging digital marketing campaigns that convert.

Joy smaller (1)


Content Strategist

Joy is passionate about using digital marketing to help companies produce measurable growth. Metrics-driven marketing is the name of her game…and the numbers boast of her mad-skills.


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